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World record in 100 meter dash

world record in 100 meter dash

for women – m dash, m hurdles m, long jump, javelin throw; The world record with a phenomenal time of seconds at a distance of meters. These are the official results of the Men's metres event at the IAAF World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany. There were a total number of She also broke six world records and is the only athlete (male or female) to have held a world record in the m, m and the m events.

World record in 100 meter dash

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Then European records since and world achievements since began to be recorded by an electronic stopwatch with an accuracy of one hundredth. In , the world record in hurdling returned to England: C. Jackson broke a record showing a result of Flight to the record. Kevin Young. New records! Kevin Curtis Young, the Olympic Champion.

At the Olympic Games in Barcelona, American Kevin Curtis Young set a new Olympic and world record at a distance of m with a fantastic time of Babe Zaharias. Babe Zaharias, the Olympic Champion. This largest competition played a huge role in promoting new athletics disciplines, including hurdling. It was decided to train Belarusian athletes in this sport.

Thus, hurdling began to develop in Belarus from the s. Timofey Lunev is the star of Belarusian sports of the first post-war years. In , he was noticed and trained by the wonderful coach, Boris Levinson. For six years — , the talented hurdler had been the winner in the m distance among Soviet athletes. At the World Student Games in Budapest, he won a bronze medal at the distances of m and m. Rivalry on running tracks. The legendary athlete repeatedly became the champion of the Soviet Union in all three racing disciplines with barriers — m; — m, m and m; — m and m; — m.

Anatoly Yulin, also a trainee of Boris Levinson, continued the glorious traditions of Belarusian hurdlers. He took the fourth place at the Olympic Games in , and won a gold medal at the European Championship in Bern he did not reach the world record of only 0.

With a score of In , Viktor Balikhin from Brest set a republic record of In the s, a native of Gomel Yevgeny Gavrilenko was among the best hurdlers in the world. He also successfully performed at sports competitions. Yevgeny Gavrilenko. Montreal Olimpic games. Viktor Myasnikov in the foreground. Alexander Vasilyev, the winner of the Druzhba Competition in the m race, achieved high sports results.

The success of Belarusian female athletes in the 80m race is less significant. Pogorelova set the first record Tatyana Kurochkina, also a trainee of Anatoly Yulin, in achieved successful results: she won a silver medal at the USSR Championship in the m race During her sports career she was a finalist at the Olympic Games, a participant in the world championships, and many times winner of the European Cup in her best distance.

In , Tatyana Ledovskaya, the three-time champion of the USSR youth championship and silver medalist of the World Student Games in Zagreb , raced into the elite of the world-class hurdling. The athlete was a trainee of Anatoly Baduev, who would be later recognized as the best European athletics coach. The Champion of the Olympics.

Tatyana Ledovskaya celebrating a jubilee The outstanding Belarusian athlete was considered not only the strongest among hurdles, but also one of the best in the Soviet Union in the m flat race. In this final, she won a champion title and set a new world record, which no one has yet succeeded to surpass: 3 min.

In South Korea, she became a silver medalist of the same Olympics in the m race. In subsequent years, the legendary runner continued to replenish the list of sporting achievements in two cross-country disciplines. She was the Champion of the USSR in the m race in —; a silver medalist of the World Cup in ; the European Champion and silver medalist in the 4x m relay in In , at the World Championships in Tokyo, she performed brilliantly, twice rising to the top step of the pedestal: in the 4x m relay and m race with a new world achievement Since , the Belarusian national team performs at official international competitions as an independent team.

Alina Talay is among the most talented athletes of Belarus at the present time. For eight years, she has been a trainee of Alexander Gutin, a coach from Orsha. The extraordinarily gifted girl constantly won the Republican competitions in the youth barrier sprint. In , the young athlete became a bronze medalist at the youth U European Championships in Kaunas Lithuania , running a distance of The beginning of sports career. At the Military World Games, she won the m race, and also took part in the U European Athletics Championships in Ostrava Czech Republic and won the first gold medal in her professional sports career.

In , the Belarusian runner twice raised to the pedestal. First, she took the 3rd place in Istanbul Turkey at the Winter World Championships in Athletics at a distance of 60 m, and then became the Vice-Champion of Europe in Helsinki Finland at a distance of m. Being a debutant of the Olympic Games in London , our athlete was able to get through to the semifinals. Year was a success for the athlete. The previous record belonged to Lydia Yurkova 7.

Alina Talay. During the international tournament in Regensburg Germany in , Alina Talay set a new record for Belarus in hurdling m, This record has become a huge success for the athlete. It is noteworthy that the previous achievement has not been updated since In the same year, the Belarusian athlete won a silver medal at the European Championships in Amsterdam Netherlands. The Belarusian Athletics Federation named her one of the best athletes of the country in Performing at the international Liese Prokop Memorial competitions in St.

In the preliminary race, she flew the distance in The result of Alina Talay was the seventh in Europe in the entire history of hurdling and was recognized as the best result among European runners since Reaffirming her high skill, the outstanding athlete won two international tournaments during the year, in Manchester and Berlin.

The golden finish. Elvira Herman is one of the best young athletes in the Belarusian athletics. She was a trainee of the coaches from Pinsk, Elena Verenich and Alexander Sinkevich, and first specialized in high jumps, but her talent was really revealed in hurdling.

The first serious success for the year-old athlete came in After this festival, the athlete continued to hone her sports skills with coach Viktor Myasnikov at the Republican State School of Olympic Reserve. Her hard work and perseverance resulted in achieving high results on the running track. Elvira Herman is the champion again! In , in Sweden, she won the main title of the Junior European Championship U with a new junior record of Belarus: At the 28th World Student Games in Taipei Taiwan , she again rose to the podium, winning a silver medal.

Her fantastic diligence, dedication and excellent technical training helped Elvira Herman to become one of the most titled athletes in the Belarusian national team. The teacher and his trainees. High jump with an approach run is a way to overcome a vertical obstacle. It consists of several interconnected elements: approach run, take-off, flight over a bar and landing.

The high jump requires athletes such qualities as jumping, agility, flexibility, and coordination. It refers to athletics and along with other disciplines composes the basis of this sport. High jump is one of the most popular sports. For a long time jumps were performed both the place and with the run.

Now jump competition in the height of the space is not carried out. For many decades, they were constantly searching a special, more effective technique of jump. There are several techniques of high jump: "gymnastic jump", "scissors", "eastern cut-off style ", "western roll", "straddle" and "Fosbury Flop". Evolution of high jump. At the beginning of the 19th century funny jump over the stick was very popular.

Alma Richards competes in the high jump competition in High jump. In the Chronicles of those years there are mentioned several names of athletes who stood out by their outstanding jumping ability. So, Karl Muller from Germany easily jumped over a height equal to his chin unfortunately, his height is unknown. Many athletes used it until In the English athlete Robert Meich could jump on a grass field to the height of cm. In a student from the USA V. In those years, American athletes specialized in several types of jumping.

At the Olympics in Athens Ellery Clark became the champion not only in the high jump, but he had the best result in the long jump too. At the Olympics his compatriot Irving Knot Baxter had no equal in jumps both high jump and pole vault.

He was ahead of the silver medalist by as much as 12 cm. The athlete became a three-time silver Olympic champion in standing jump disciplines high jump, long jump, triple jump. Michael Sweeny. Eastern cut-off style. Michael Sweeny is known as an innovator of the eastern cut-off high jump style.

The American student George Horine invented the western roll technique. The athlete runs to the bar at an angle from the side of the take-off foot, pushes off, goes over the bar and lands on the same leg. By this way the jumper flies horizontally above the bar.

Western roll technique. A new method allowed the athlete to make the jump of dreams in He was the first in the world to overcome the two-meter height. For many years it was used as the main jump style, including by the Soviet high jumpers. George Horine, western roll technique inventor, first in the world to overcome the two-meter height.

After the Olympics in Stockholm, the roll technique gained universal recognition. It was simple and efficient. Women begin to learn it too. Straddle technique. Finally, in the American athlete Lester Steers, using the straddle technique, renewed the world record, having jumped at a height of cm.

This style remained the main one until The era of victories and records by Valery Brumel. Record by record. Olympic champions Robert Shavlakadze cm in , Valery Brumel cm in and Yuri Tarmak — cm in became prominent representatives of this style in the Soviet Union. The last "straddle king" was the fantastically talented Vladimir Yashchenko, who jumped at cm in Yashchenko, successor of the legendary Brumel.

At Olympics the winner of the competition, American Dick Fosbury, presented an unusual way of jumping, having set a new Olympic record 2. In such a way the fairy tale about a boy who proved that the impossible is possible appeared in the history of sports.

At a young age Richard Douglas Dick Fosbury was the weakest jumper in his school. In the school team he could not master any styles. Fosbury began searching for his unique technique. The absolute speed of the takeoff, as the nature of the increase of the pace of steps in its final part are critically important.

Dick Fosbury. Javier Sotomayor. After the end of his sports career, Fosbury made another gift to the sports world. He developed new spikes for high jumps: he invented the modern location of the spikes on the heel. At present time rivalry in this sport is so great that, the world record could be broken soon: the last record was set by the famous Cuban jumper Javier Sotomayor cm in In , the first competitions where athletes showed results in jumps: cm standing high jump , cm running high jump. In Viktor Gankevich, who repeatedly jumped at cm, made an attempt to improve the record of the USSR cm , but failed.

In Roman Bulygin significantly improves this result due to the roll style cm. In he was the first in Belarus to jump cm in closed premise. In Rodion Krasheninnikov repeated this result, and then improved the highest achievement of Belarus for closed premises up to cm.

Then, during three years, the Vitebsk resident Leonid Knirov cm in and Nikolai Savkin from Grodno cm in , cm in improved national records. Legends of world sports have grown a number of outstanding athletes. Elizaveta Sosina and Pavel Goikhman.

Jumper from Vitebsk Grigory Marzinovich cm in continued the winning trend. Alexander Grigoriev at a height of cm. Oleg Shepel. Since the Belarusian national team performs as an independent team at the official international competitions.

They continued to make happy Belarusian fans in the years when Belarus became a sovereign country. The family coaching duet has done a lot for the development of high jumps in Belarus. In their last Belarusian trainee Andrei Sankovich established a higher national record, cm, which lasted a quarter of a century.

Since high jumps competition for Elizaveta Sosina prizes have been held in Belarus every year. Competitions are organized by trainees of outstanding trainers. Poster of the competition, Memorial for Elizaveta Sosina, After a relatively short pause talented athletes reappeared, who, competing with each other, show serious results now.

That year the athlete confirmed his leadership in the world ranking among high jumpers. Dmitry Nabokov, new record holder of the Republic of Belarus. The talented athlete Dmitry Nabokov perfectly performed in the youth category, becoming the silver medalist of the World Junior Championships and the European youth champion.

Now a new record on open stadiums is cm. Vitebsk jumper Maxim Nedasekau has performed very well in recent years. In in Grosseto Italy , he won the European Junior Championship and beat the junior year-old record of the continent.

A year later the Belarusian athlete won the silver medal at the European Adult Championship. Maxim Nedasekau, European Champion. During the year, he repeatedly became the winner of prestigious international competitions. He had a great season in and by his results proved that he has the right to be one of the best athletes in the world. Training under the guidance of Tatyana Nareiko and Vladimir Pologov, Maxim Nedasekau constantly improves his athletic performance.

In January , he was recognized as the best athlete of the country following the results of the past season. The titled athlete continues to make happy his fans: at the stage of the Diamond League in Shanghai on May 18, , Maxim Nedasekau showed the second result. Maxim Nedasekau, European Athletics Association nominee. High jumps are a clash of characters and a psychological struggle of athletes. The winner is the one who can maximize their inner potential on a particular competitive day.

In this sector, it is already ordinary to wait for surprises, having regard to the star and titled entry list. First, the rivalry between Maxim Nedasekau and Dmitry Nabokov is always some vivid and emotional spectacle. Secondly, the potential of Andrei Skobeiko recovering from injury is not forgotten, and the new heights performed by this athlete are only a question of time.

And finally, Pavel Seliverstov also does not intend to surrender in this struggle. It consists of several interconnected elements: a fast run-up, powerful takeoff, balancing action in the air and landing. Athletes combine jumping ability, good sprinting performance and coordination of movements. Long jumps were popular in ancient Greece and were included in the Olympic Games programme, but the technique of the ancient jump was fundamentally different from the modern one.

Jumps with halteres. At the beginning of the revival of this sport at the end of the 19th century, track and field jump disciplines were becoming popular. The new technique of long jumps was developed mainly by UK and US athletes. In this sport was included in the programme of the annual "Big Games" at Oxford University in England. Squat jump. In at the first modern Olympic Games in Athens, there were long jump competitions, including running and standing jumps.

At the present time standing long jumps are mainly used just for trainings. The exception is for Norway, the only country where standing long jumps have become a national sport. Standing long squat jump. The squat jump is the easiest style, it was used in competitions until the end of the 19th century, but lost popularity in the next century. The stride jump is the simplest technique of jumping. The rapid development of this type of athletics came at the beginning of the 20th century. The three-year rivalry between two prominent American athletes, Myer Prinstein and Alvin Kraenzlein, gave a push to the improvement of the long jump techniques.

Each of them tried to take revenge after losing his opponent, updating the records of the continent. As a result, Alvin Kraenzlein won the Olympic gold in in Paris and became the only four-time Olympic champion who managed to win 4 gold medals in individual disciplines at the same games. Alvin Kraenzlein is setting record. Myer Prinstein см in In Myer Prinstein entered sports history as the only athlete who managed to win in two disciplines in the same games: long jump with a world record of 7.

This record has been unbeaten for 20 years. In the Finnish jumper Vilho Tuulos demonstrated for the first time a new technique of long jump, the hang style, which requires a good fitness and coordination. A flight jumper sags the body in the lower back and, as it were, pauses before landing.

Hang style jumps. Among women the first record holder in the long jump was the Japanese Hitomi Kinue. Kinue Hitomi. Jesse Owens, USAб Jesse Owens at Summer Olympics in Berlin. In , James Cleveland "Jesse" Owens, the future four-time Olympic champion, was the first to cross the eight-meter line 8.

He set the world record which was unbeaten until In the s — s the modern version of the long jump, the hitch-kick jump, came into the common use. An athlete continues to run in flight taking several steps 1. It is considered the most difficult technique that requires high speed-strength qualities. This style was demonstrated for the first time in by the outstanding athlete Myer Prinstein. The hitch-kick jump. In the long jumps were included to the programme of the modern Olympic Games for women.

In the world record set by American Ralph Boston was 8. Two years later Soviet athlete Igor Ter-Ovanesyan repeated it. Over the years these athletes were the main rivals, but they were friends in life. Igor Ter-Ovanesyan, Ralph Boston USA , Igor Ter-Ovanesyan and Ralph Boston. The American athlete flew 8. The record lasted for 23 years. After 10 days at the European Championships in Prague in qualifying she improved again the world record by jumping to 7.

Chisinau, Republican Stadium. Memorial Tablet. In the Romanian athlete Anisoara Stanciu-Cuzmir set another record, having made the jump to the distance of 7. In she became the champion of the Olympics in Los Angeles, having showed a result of 6. Galina Chistyakova, It has to be noted that the athlete set this world record, having performed the simpliest squat jump.

The record is still unbeaten. Galina Chistyakova is the only woman in the Soviet Union and in Europe who began first to master the triple jump. The famous duel of Carl Lewis and Mike Powell at the World Championships in Tokyo is considered to be one of the brightest events in the history of long jumps.

For 10 years Lewis has known no defeat, won two Olympics , , managed to set the world record in a closed arena 8. Less titled Powell was the silver medalist of the Olympics in Seoul, had the best result in the world in Before the final attempt, no one at the stadium had no doubt that Powell was unable to compete on an equal footing with Lewis, who was in brilliant sporting form.

Having caught courage in the last attempt, Mike Powell made a fantastic 8. Carl Lewis at Olympics. Unbeaten jump by Mike Powell. Since official registration of records in athletics began in the USSR, which stimulated the growth of sporting achievements. In August Minsk citizen Nikolai Kuzmin updates the record to 5. Later, during the I Republican Olympics, he was the first in the country to cross the six-meter mark 6.

Long jumps were significantly developed by the introduction of the All-Union GTO complex in and the developed techniques for improving the long jump technique. Athlete from Minsk Vyacheslav Sadovsky jumps to 6. In Nikolai Yanchevsky continued the traditions of the Minsk jumping school and improves the national achievement 6. Since Alla Luppen has left a large footprint in the Belarusian sport. In Petr Zlotnikov from Gomel set the record twice: in Minsk he made a long jump to a distance of 6.

From to Elena Gurvich 5. In T. Lukyantseva was the first athlete in the BSSR to make long jumps to the distance of 6. In Boris Mikhalchuk was the first of the Belarusian athletes who jumped at 7. From to Valentin Kuzmenko held the title of record holder of the republic, having updated his result four times.

He segt the record in 7. Alla Smirnova. Growth of female records in this sport in the s is associated with the names of two athletes Alla Smirnova and Lyudmila Borsuk. In the National Championship in Athletics was held in Minsk for the second time.

Excellent physical abilities and technical training allowed one of the best athletes to become a two-time record holder of the BSSR at the Spartakiad held in Moscow in 6. In Lidia Borsuk, participant of the Olympics in Montreal, set a republic record, 6. Victor Belsky. From to Victor Belsky, participant of the Olympics in Moscow, was the first in the republic to cross the eight-meter mark, was 8.

Since the confrontation between the two best jumpers in the history of Belarus, Irina Valyukevich and Elena Belevskaya, began. Irina Valyukevich set the records four times, Belevskaya made it seven times. Elena Belevskaya, Elena Belevskaya is one of the most titled athletes in the history of the development of long jumps in Belarus. The year of turned out to be very successful for Elena Belevskaya. Two weeks later, Elena Belevskaya repeated this result, having won a bronze medal at the European Winter Championships in France.

Elena Belevskaya. In the same year she updated the record of the USSR twice. European Team Championships. Stevce Georgijevski. Trpe Martinovski. Milan Madzgalj. Skopje , S. Gorgi Buckov. Lubischa Trboevski. Trayce Michov. Robert Kosev. Becko Brajevik.

Vasil Bacovski. Ohrid , S. Branko Ilievski. Zagreb , S. Riste Pavlov. Hechat Aliu. Belgrade , S. Gorgi Vuckov. Vladimir Karer. Zoran Tasevski. Toni Damcevski. Slavcho Mirchevski. Vasil Haidov. Skopje , Republic of Macedonia. Saso Ilov. Ilijan Manolev.

Ohrid , Republic of Macedonia. Ilija Spasovski. Novi Sad , S. Dejan Angelovski. Goran Ackovski. Zoran Malinov. SR Macedonia G. Cadikovski D. Koevski Zoran Tasevski T. European Team Championships 3rd League. European Team Championships Third League. Bojadjiev Z. Kralevo , Bulgaria. Vera Veljanovska. Pula , S. Aleksandra Vojneska. Christina Risteska. Elizabeta Bozinovska. Nova Gorica , S. Zhaneta Drnkovska.

Ljubljana , S. European U23 Championships. Andrijana Pop Arsova. Vesna Kiradzieva. Kateryna Schipovik. Elisabeta Pavlovska.

World record in 100 meter dash курс обмена валюты в саратове в банках world record in 100 meter dash

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100M WORLD RECORD - 9.27 Seconds -- The Human Limit!

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